"IDS was able to take our user specifications and translate them into a quality application; their business sense is as strong as their technical abilities."
"They responded to our needs and were able to turn project work around quickly."
"Working with IDS is seamless. It's as if we have our own in-house development department."

Michael Davis,
Managing Director, Clear Thinking Group LLC

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Web Application Development

OnPoint Content Assistant:
OnPointA project to do with aggregation of content from different content management systems for building an e-learning application rich in content. Project involved interfacing with several third-party tools and integrating with them through a configuration utility Rich GUI for the application and extensive configuration capabilities for LMS (Learning Management Systems) and LCMS (Learning Content Management Systems) packages. Developed a proof of concept for this product in VB.NET for a US client.

Labor Budgeter:
Labor BudgeterThe Labor Budgeter product has been developed for the National Association of Convenience Stores, USA in VB.NET. After the first version of the product was deployed successfully, we developed an Enhanced version for a larger set of features for larger store chains. Both the versions are packaged as commercial products. This application uses standards data for tasks performed in convenience stores and input data from the store based on actual usage from the past, to budget the labor hours required for the store. Users are allowed access to the application based on their privilege level. This product has been designed to be used by multiple stores of a single firm.

pdf documentSee case study.

SeattleLuxe Admin
SeattleLuxeA comprehensive back-end admin application to manage the data entry of products for the SeattleLuxe Web Site. Developed in VB.NET and Access database, this application allows for content management of 3500 product SKUs and 100 categories and sub-categories. Products can have attributes and rule-based combinations of products based on attributes.