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Web Application Development

OnPointClick to see case studyGolferholics is a site for golf aficionados and people interested in getting information about golf courses. The site has been developed in .NET technologies for a client in Australia and caters to golf enthusiasts from all over the world. Design of the web site and Development was done ground-up and requirements given in Excel sheets were elaborated and fine-tuned through an iterative process to develop the web site. Click on the icon to see case study.

POMSClick to see case studyThis project was developed for a large online US retail website to automate and manage the back-end order processing and tracking. The online website handles over 3500 product SKUs and 100 categories and sub-categories. An existing system using Outlook macros was replaced with a more sophisticated system to automate many of the tasks. The site was developed in PHP and MySQL, involved integration to the UPS time-in-transit tool and used Smarty templates to separate design from code.See case study.

Form Application
OnPointClick to see case studyThis application was built for the New York State schools for collecting data through a survey mechanism as part of the School Health Index (Incentive) Program. The objective of the survey was to help collate and analyse the profiles of the schools and to understand objectively their budget requirements to be able to plan for periodic budget allocations to the schools. Developed in VB.NET for a US client.

Ashram Computers
Ashram ComputersA web-site for a software distributor/dealer of a large catalog of products from several vendors including IBM, Microsoft, Macromedia, Adobe, etc. The web site developed in VB.NET and SQL server, allows for 3 levels of users to register, browse the product catalog, get budgetary quotes and place orders. The prices vary based on the level of the user. Order status tracking and uploading of price data through the admin application is also allowed in the application.

ADSIThis site developed in ASP, is developed for the Silicon Valley chapter of American Society for Training and Development. The site allows for events, interest groups, resource centres, newsletter subscription and publishing and discussion groups. Comprehensive site for content which is available to the members of ASTD.